Spiritual Retreat Center

Spiritual Retreat Center

  • Size: 45,800 SF
  • Estimated Cost: $6,000,000

The spiritual retreat center for Loyola College of Maryland is nestled into the crux of a sweeping valley.  It respects the existing parcel of open farmland, allowing it to remain virtually untouched. 

The main building, which houses the dining room, lounge, administration and faculty rooms, surrounds a portion of the landscape while enclosing a “natural” courtyard on three sides. 

The rural landscape is drawn under a footbridge, linking two flanking dormitory arms.  Each room is private, and this privacy is further emphasized by the uninterrupted sight lines out from each room. 

The Chapel, which functions as the centerpiece of the Retreat Center, soars over the footbridge and telescopes out towards the open valley.