Sandpiper Road Residence

Sandpiper Road Residence

  • Owner: Withheld
  • Size: 3,200 SF
  • Cost: Withheld
  • Completion Date: 2007

The primary challenge of this ocean-front home was the seventeen foot width available after set backs. Combined with a depth of 140 feet, the linear nature of the site seemed an anathema to creating a home that would take advantage of its views, as well as presented a formidable challenge to the creation of a floor plan devoid of long hallways and narrow rooms.  The design solution overcomes these obstacles with three key approaches. 

The building program is divided into a "main house" and a "guest house" connected by a bridge, thus breaking the house into two more easily proportioned components. 

Secondly, the exterior walls are modulated to break the  parallel edges of the buildable area and allow views and breezes to penetrate further into the site. 

Additionally, the angled exteriors walls, coupled with the roof ridges that run diagonally across the building, create the perspective illusion of a much wider house. 

The result is a design that defies the conventional approaches of "maxing out" its buildable area to create a highly articulated home that uses its severe site to best advantage, while applying a formal vocabulary that manipulates spatial perceptions.