Promise Center

Promise Center

  • Owner: Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church
  • Size: 63,000 SF
  • Cost: $13.7 Million
  • Completion Date: in progress

Bethel Korean is the largest Korean Church in Howard County and has been planning a large addition for many years. Alexander Design Studio has worked with the church for several years to examine site options as well as to prepare a detailed building program.

Based on that program, ADS is in the midst of designing a 63,000 square foot addition that includes a 400- seat performance hall, a large gym/multi-use space, a grand lobby, and over thirty classrooms and meeting spaces. The design attaches to and expands the capabilities of their existing facilities and fits within tight site constraints created by existing wetlands and streams.

Using 3-D modeling ADS has assisted the church in presenting the complex building in ways that are easily understood by the congregation enabling an enthusiastic approval to proceed with this significant project.