Penn State Hershey Medical Chapel

Penn State Hershey Medical Chapel

  • Owner: Pennsylvania State University
  • Size: 1,600 SF
  • Cost: Withheld
  • Completion Date: 1995

Contained within the walls of the Penn State University Hospital, this interior creates a place of comfort and inspiration that “speaks to people of all faiths.” 

The use of universal symbolism of specific architectural elements makes the center of the chapel a neutral space that has meaning for all its visitors.  The corners of the chapel are overlapped with small subspaces dedicated to the needs of specific religious faiths. 

At the entry, the curved wall not only separates the office area from the sacred spaces, but also creates passage to the chapel.  Active water parallels the human passage both aurally and physically, weaving the different spaces, finally reappearing as a still pool of reflection in the center of the chapel.