Intercon Systems, Inc.

Intercon Systems, Inc.

  • Owner: Intercon Systems, Incorporated
  • Size: Phase 1- 39,000 SF / Total buildout - 142,000 SF
  • Cost: Phase 1- $4,950,000
  • Completion Date: 1998

This office and light manufacturing facility was conceived as a five phase project which would extend along the ridge of a steep hill to take advantage of great mountain views.

The first phase comprising 38,000 s.f. was designed in a concentric "L" configuration with a low roof masonry wrapper containing offices, a machine shop, and shipping surrounding a high shed-roofed manufacturing floor. Each successive phase mimics the first, creating a sense of semi-contained courtyards which open to the views beyond serving to integrate the technological with the natural environment.

A clerestory that runs the length of the building lights the production areas as well as a circulation spine defined by freestanding lockers. A mechanical penthouse surrounded by sloping roofs marks the main entrance and connects the first two phases. A freestanding gymnasium/multipurpose room and a two-story research and development building complete the master plan for the complex.