Daniels Road Residence

Daniels Road Residence

  • Owner: Withheld
  • Size: 1,200 SF (Renovated), 1,725 SF (New)
  • Cost: Withheld
  • Completion Date: 2005

Two college professors purchased a 100-plus year old cottage for their primary residence. Their desire was to expand the building in a unique way that reflected their lifestyle as well as preserved the scale of the existing residence. After pursuing several massing solutions, the client opted to go with a bent extension of the existing cottage that wraps into a tower with proportions and roof pitches similar to the original structure. This scheme allows maximum space without creating a large footprint that might overwhelm the site and cottage.

To create a dynamic path to the upper levels of the home, the design incorporates a towering bookcase that extends from the living room at the first floor to the master suite at the uppermost level. The staircase engages this book tower in multiple ways as it ascends, stopping at partial levels the whole way to the top. Among the stops are the office at a few steps up, the existing second floor bedroom for greater first floor heights in the addition, the master bath at two and a half floors up (over the office), the master bedroom at the third floor, and the master dressing room at three and a half floors. At each of these levels, the bookcase is accessible and houses the extensive collection of the owners.

A shed porch mimics the existing porch and extends into the gap between the cottage and the tower. This joint houses a soapstone wood stove whose stack rises through the gap like a metal hinge organizing the whole composition.