1212 South East Avenue

1212 South East Avenue

  • Owner: Withheld
  • Size: 101,000 SF
  • Completion Date: 2014

This urban infill project consists of 52 apartments on a site one block back from the Canton waterfront in Baltimore. Because of the site's physical size as well as the diverse frontages of each side of the property, the design solution is very different than the typical repetitive apartment complex.  Each face of the building is conceived differently to take advantage of oblique views as wells as to respond to the character of its particular street.

One side relates to the scale and bays of townhouses opposite while angling those bays to look down the street at an open park. Another side steps significantly to allow for water views for each unit through a view corridor between the buildings separating the site from the harbor. Another side rises up to allow views over the blocking buildings. The alley side units open into an internal green roofed courtyard that organizes the whole plan.

The resulting unique residential units maximize the characteristics of each orientation.